Real Estate Analysis

The real estate business flourishes and thrives on data. Your capacity to get a deep understanding of the insight into the real estate business can differentiate you from the rest of the competitors. Try not to give your rivals a chance to get in front of you. Observing and tracking real estate as well as utilizing the resources and assets completely is vital in order to start enhancing effectiveness. However, the real estate utilization information needs to be critically examined with a specific end goal to roll out improvements that will essentially and effectively upgrade your organization’s effectiveness and diminish overhead costs.

Bilytica Real Estate Analysis also provides with market analysis consisting of prevailing market trends across metro areas. The dashboard provided shows changes in the home values along with the foreclosures in the specified area which is essential for customers to better analyse the property and its value. Customized reports containing information like prices, supply, sales volume and etc. are available on just a single click whether it is for your clients or the employees in the field. These reports help you slice down the information in several ways to deliver right answers to the right people. Bilytica Real Estate Analysis also provides valuation analysis of property assisting clients in having a better knowledge of where to invest and at what time. It is a key factor for investment as the right investment can bring in profits and a wrong investment can lead to downfall of the business altogether.

  • Monitor patterns at sales volume, foreclosures and home prices.
  • Detailed site analysis is done utilizing demographic data and Tableau’s built-in mapping capabilities.
  • Provide customers with customized market reports.
  • Drill from a metro range into nearby, neighbourhood and to a particular property information.
  • A commercial real estate analysis is created utilizing Return on Investment (ROI), amortization data or cap rate.

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