Sabermetrics is a statistical analysis of baseball records which is helpful in evaluating the performance of individual player. It is used to enhance your competitiveness and athletic performance, maximize your sales and equip you with best information which ultimately shows an impact on your decisions. It allows you to evaluate prospects, predict particular player performance and also recognize statistical barometers that play a role in gathering and analysis of data. It helps you to design systems that will let you to have competitive edge over competitors. It assists you to conduct player personnel evaluation, player performance evaluation, statistical analysis of in game activity, big data for fantasy baseball leagues, personalized proprietary and training sessions of managers for data interpretation.

Basketball Analytics

Basketball analytics allows you to gather all information and then analyze it for maximum organizational effect, as real advantage come from distinguished data that no one else has. Information management in basketball is a tough job because most of the players in this game are quite young. So you need to manage and interpret limited data effectively and accurately. It assists you to effectively manage player personnel evaluation, athlete performance foretell, injury risk management, customized proprietary and managers training sessions.

Football Analytics

Football analytics enables you to transform and modernize the conventional football game in terms of players’ evaluation, training and treatment. There are maximum chances of injury in football game. So our experts assist you to manage these injuries and correlates them future performance with injury risk management. Behavioral management tools allow you to analyze players’ behavior and lessen the risk of bad behavior scandals. You can also manage sports medicine, athlete personnel evaluation and performance forecast with football analytics.

Sports Marketing Analytics

Sports marketing analytics help you to have all the advance tool and techniques to get most out of your sports business. It lets you to collect and analyze data about potential consumers, creates marketing profiles and markets your product across multiple channels. By extracting information about your consumers preferences and needs you can launch more customized marketing initiative to generate more revenue from hard core and casual customers. Sports marketing analytics offers some beneficial applications like customer profiles, customized emails, dynamic landing pages, customer value campaigns, retention programs, mobile e commerce, alerts & notifications and multichannel marketing experiences which enables you to utilize financial and staff resources effectively and efficiently.

Dynamic Ticket Pricing Optimization

Dynamic ticket pricing optimization enables you to manage sport events, sports merchandise; sports forecast, develop malleable models and scrutinize ticket pricing to take real time pricing decisions according to present market situation. Our experts help you to create price optimization models and strong pricing platform with multichannel amalgamation. Its key applications such as market based pricing, price elasticity and sensitivity, cross price elasticity, dynamic pricing and competitive pricing let you to estimate prices for games, products, promotions and services based on market and target margins.

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