Web Analytics

A/B & Multivariate Testing

A/B testing is a comparison of two pages to check which perform well. In technical language A/B testing is to divide your website traffic into two pages and then you observe the actions of visitor to know which page is yielding more conversion rate. It is done to raise site performance by evaluating browser engagement and time spent on pages. This testing allows you to optimize your website pages elements like heading, images, content etc. While on the other hand, in multivariate testing you test multiple variables without a large sample size. It enables you to optimize you web pages, raise standards of performance, reduce testing time, implement new designs and ideas and enhance conversion rates and page efficiency. Our testing and optimization team is always available for your support and help whatever is your testing technique.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization enables you to convert visitors into customers by providing them best visiting experience. Our experts optimize your conversions through various web analytics tools and testing techniques. It allows you to concentrate on cohort analysis, marketing strategy, content optimization, and user experience & conversion funnel to increase the number of conversions. By scrutinizing different segments of people you can isolate stumbling blocks in your conversion funnel and concentrate more on the groups which have higher chances of conversion.

Attribution Modeling & Performance

Size of your business does not decide the number of promotional marketing campaigns. Whether you are small, large or medium organization, you have to go for more than one type of marketing campaign. Attribution modeling & performance attribution enables you to find out which channel or campaign is getting the best outcomes and contributing to conversions and sales. It divides credit equally among all touch points which is successful in grabbing the attention of consumer and effectively weighs the impact of each channel. It allows you to observe the impact of your marketing campaign at variant stages of buying process.

Website Audit

Website audit allows you to highlight your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities through tracking and reporting of your website. You can perform website audits to highlight primary problems related to your installation and data collection. It ensures the accuracy and efficiency of collected data. It empowers you to have comprehensive and actionable insight from your business data. You can perform website architecture & code unit, site searching follow up, review account filters, macro & micro conversions and personalized dashboard & reporting to enhance performance.

Mobile & Website Tracking

Every business is not same and has different aims and goals for its web presence. Our experts first understand the priorities and objectives of your business and then extract insights by creating perfect custom reports. Sections of website or apps can be analyzed which help you to improve your performance. E commerce, lead generation and mobile analytics & app tracking are the core applications of website & app analytics. Content analysis, form analytics and lead soring lets you to enhance conversion rate by allowing more visitors to sign up for lead forms available on the website and by sharing more data. Churn analysis and uninstallation analysis are the main functions of mobile analytics & app tracking as their primary aim is to analyze users. E commerce analytics enables you to generate revenue and raise transactions through product portfolio analysis, e commerce pricing analysis and e commerce shipping cost analysis.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization enables you to land your website on first page of big search engines which ultimately raise your web exposure. This economical approach increases your traffic and allows you to gain more coverage across the web. Keyword search & analysis, content development & optimization, technical SEO audit, on page optimization, link building and penalty assessment & recovery scrutinize keywords fashion, ranking opportunities, comprehensive research on your industry and provide options on which keywords and phrases will be most beneficial to optimize and enhance your presence.

Analytics Setup & Implementation

Analytics setup and implementation ensures the tracking of most accurate and actionable data on your website. Our expert line up helps you to evaluate campaign performance and improve user experience of your website by thoroughly optimizing your core business objectives. It allows you to define barometers to have best results, designing of profiles & filters, implementation of aims & funnels, amalgamation with Google webmaster, adwords, marketing automation & CRM systems, enhance data reliability & personalized reporting, follow up of mobile visitors, load time tracking and much more.

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