Our website is the essence of your business. It drives conversion to customers, builds your brand, supports your customers and generates leads. The good news is that there is a mountain of data at disposal all waiting to be analysed in order to discover how to improve the above mentioned points but on the other side of the coin it is also the bad. Several questions need to be answered immediately but there is plenty of data to wade through. Our web analytic solutions monitors your incoming traffic by source site, geography and type (medium) so you can target the right audience for your website. It also provides with dashboards that present the performance of the website content.

Bilytica website analytics provides the flexibility to explore your traffic drivers. Every website is different from the other and that is why you need to use simplified content to attract more users and increase traffic on your website. Bilytica website analytics provides online advertisement analysis to analyse data from ad servers and platform, saving your time as well as allowing you to inspect campaigns together instead of one at a time. The information retrieved then can be compared across groups, markets and demographics. Juice up your web analytics efforts with our solutions.

  • It provides immediate answers to your questions.
  • Explore your website analytics data in an easy, visual way to identify patterns and trends.
  • Dashboards are built so you can see content, source trends and traffic all in a single platform.
  • It’s easy to use dashboards provide simplified information in no time allowing you to make comparisons and use the data efficiently.
  • Blend data sources and monitor how web traffic affects service or sales.
  • Dashboards are published in order to allow colleagues to interact with your data right in a browser.

Vistor Analytics

The first thing to know about your website is where visitors are coming from. That will give you clues as to whether your content is targeted well or why those visitors are converting well. Monitor your incoming traffic by type (medium), source site, and geography so you can target the right audience for your website.Organic search drives the most traffic to this website, but we can see that paid search (cpc) and referrals are important too. However, looking at conversion by subsection shows relatively low goal completions for visits from cpc.It may be time to improve this site’s cpc campaigns or look for alternative ways to drive traffic to the site.

Evaluate Content

The content on your website is a major asset, but how do you know if it’s working? By looking at it in several different ways at once to spot outliers and trends. What sections are performing well? What pages are doing poorly? Where are new visitors going?
This dashboard shows performance of website content. With a click you can drill from section to subsection to web page and evaluate trends over all your content. Here the scatter plot shows that the most engaged visitors are returning visitors, and the bar chart to the right shows that most of the top pages have a relatively low bounce rate.

Online Advertisement Analysis

Bilytica helps analyze data from ad servers and platforms. You can look at all the data and determine which channels, media, banners, and keywords are performing and driving the most bottom line impact.
The types of statistics you can track in Tableau include impressions, clicks, acquisitions, CPC, CPM, CTR, ECPA (effective cost per acquisition), plus industry averages for comparison.
The biggest thing you’ll notice is the time savings. You’ll analyze your data much faster and have the ability to inspect campaigns together (instead of one at a time) and compare information across groups, markets and demographics.

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