Advanced Dimensional Modeling: Techniques for Practitioners

Real-world designs rarely resemble the simple star schemas found in product demos or introductory courses—a single fact table, fully additive facts, and several standard dimension tables.

This course takes you beyond fundamental principles of dimensional design, providing an extended set of techniques to address real-world complexity.

The course begins with a brief review of the core concepts of dimensional modeling. These fundamentals are then built upon in four areas: multi-star designs, alternative fact table designs, dimensional intricacy, and scaling.

This comprehensive treatment provides the breadth and depth you will need to meet your information design challenges—whether you are building a dimensional data warehouse, a Corporate Information Factory, standalone data marts, or virtual solutions.

You Will Learn

  • Why most subject areas require multiple fact tables, and how to identify them
  • When to use alternatives to the basic transaction fact table, including periodic snapshots, accumulating snapshots, and type-specific stars
  • How to cope with dimensional intricacy, using techniques such as bridge tables, mini-dimensions, time-stamped dimensions, hybrid slow changes, and other slow change options
  • Techniques to ensure your data warehouse will scale as new subject areas are added

Geared To

Geared toward professionals who need a comprehensive understanding of star schema design.

  • BI program managers
  • Business analysts
  • Data architects and modelers
  • BI architects and developers
  • Data integration architects and developers
  • Project managers
  • Database administrators
  • Power users and Business subject matter experts

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