Developing Data Analytics Literacy Workshop

Advances in data analytics are creating new opportunities to help organizations compete, innovate and generate new value. However, the ability to transform these opportunities into tangible business results depends on business professionals who can understand, interpret and apply digital content in a variety of forms.

Literacy in data analytics defines the skills needed to interpret and understand diverse digital content with a major focus on business measurement and improvement. Enhanced literacy helps business professionals separate useful information from background noise and enables them to take appropriate and informed actions.

The need to develop this literacy within the general business community is now a strategic imperative for organizations operating in the modern information based economy. Understanding how these skills enable competitive positions in the marketplace and support data driven decision making is now a core requirement for business success.

This workshop has been designed to enhance these skills for business professionals by integrating education with practical activities. Concepts are introduced through lecture and discussions while skills are developed through exercises and activities.

You Will Learn

You will learn key concepts and enhance your data analytics skills and literacy in the areas of:

  • General Business Capabilities including problem framing, problem solving, goal setting, goal attainment, and numeracy (communicating with numbers).
  • Data Capabilities including data interpretation and using data for business measurement.
  • Information Capabilities including quantitative thinking and information visualization.
  • Insight Capabilities including analysis and synthesis.

Geared To

  • This workshop is designed for anyone seeking to gain knowledge, understanding, and insight through analysis of data. It is suited to a wide range of business, operations, and technology professionals including executives, managers, team leaders, knowledge workers, operations staff, and administrative staff.

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