Putting Predictive Analytics to Work: A Practitioner’s View of Common Technical Issues and Solutions (UPDATED)

Do you find analytic practitioners’ activities baffling and somewhat “out of reach?” Do you need to better understand the methods, techniques, and processes of business analytics? This course covers many technical issues that are often misapplied in predictive analytics projects.  Each topic is explained in a way that is understandable and accessible, enriched with the real-world insights of a seasoned practitioner, and made tangible by illustrating the impact of various implementation solutions.

The course is vendor neutral but tools based, using leading products to illustrate the development process. Results are drawn from actual analytics applications and interpreted in the context of measurable business impact. Attendees receive a copy of all presentation materials, supporting notes, and a valuable index of predictive analytics resources with a comprehensive glossary.

You Will Learn

  • How to design a train/test/validate development process
  • How to estimate live performance and variance of models
  • How to monitor model performance and know when to update models
  • How to enhance model performance with rounding threshold analysis
  • Data representation and transformation techniques to enhance model performance

Geared To

  • IT professionals who need to support the growing demand for analytics
  • Project managers who need a deeper tactical understanding of predictive modeling
  • Business analysts who develop and interpret models, communicate results, and make actionable recommendations
  • Functional analytic practitioners from many business functional domains, including customer relationship management, financial analysis, risk analysis, fraud detection, and more

Technical resources.

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