Business Intelligence Solutions in Libya: New BI Trends of 2018

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Everyone from geeks to CEOs is on the data bandwagon. For a CEO today to say,” i don’t want to invest in data and analytics” is the same as him saying I am not interested in our customers. The real question is not whether you invest in data or not. What matters most is what I call return on Data Investment. The main objective of BI is the ability to turn raw data into actionable insights. How can these insights be used to help sales, marketing, finance and company executives make better decisions.

Bilytica Big Data Analytics Solutions in Libya and BI consulting services let you explore how Big Data Analytics tools, processes and technologies help and support your company to achieve the target objective and get competitive edge over there competitors. Bilytica’s Big Data provides amazing potential and it offers returning benefits to the business users. Let Bilytica’s Data Visualization solutions in Libya  and our team help your organization to bring dreams come reality.

  1. Sales strategy

Bilytica’s BI consulting services helps your sales team discover new sales trends and opportunities based on customers’ old buying habits, promos, shopping experience and other customer experiences. With this knowledge, the major responsibility falls on the sales team to decide the best course of action to continue working with the customer, generating more effective promotions and improve overall sales.

  1. Marketing

Business intelligence helps identify promotional packages and analyze campaign outcomes. The marketing team is responsible for using the results to make decisions to optimize marketing strategies and generate a better return on investment.

  1. Finance

Business intelligence Solutions in Libya provides a deep view of a company’s financial situation, including profit and loss, general ledger and balance sheets. By examining incoming and outgoing finances of the present and past, financial managers can implement strategies that can benefit the financial future of their business. The data and future results will hold these leaders responsible for their decisions.

  1. Executive decision-making

Business Intelligence provides the facts & figures that executive teams need to help guide their long-term business strategies. BI also delivers a clear and comprehensive overview of the business performance, as well as key insights into individual areas of the business from employee management and recruiting, to supply chain and finance. By fully equipped with these insights, executives can set business’s own KPIs that align with business goals to help their team stay focused and on track.


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