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Bilytica gives chatbot (otherwise called talkbot, chatterbot, bot, IM bot, intelligent operator or manufactured conversational substance) is a PC program or manmade brainpower that leads a discussion through sound-related or printed techniques. Such projects are frequently intended to convincingly reenact how a human would carry on as a discussion accomplice, hence breezing through the Turing test. Chatbots are by and large utilized as a part of exchange frameworks for different useful purposes, including client administration or data securing. Some chatbots utilize refined normal dialect preparing frameworks, yet numerous easier frameworks check for watchwords inside the section, and after that find a solution with the most coordinating catchphrases, or the most comparative composition design, from a base of information.

Chatbots are simple but difficult to-utilize PC programs that can keep up a robotized discussion progressively with clients in a characteristic dialect. It can comprehend the client’s aim and can react to the client as indicated by business runs and as per the accessible information of the association.


The universe of innovation is amidst a change in outlook once in 10 years. Informing applications have advanced as the new stage and bots are the new applications. Chatbots advance rapidly and are relied upon to in the end supplant agents in deals and client benefit in more mind boggling assignments.


As manmade brainpower enhances, chatbots will be exhibited as the answer for institutionalized correspondence channels. Chatbots will soon turn into a solitary voice to explain the client’s needs.


At Bilytica’s specialists in the improvement of customized chatbots in light of the one of a kind business prerequisites of our customers. We create and prepare amazing chatbots with conversational, setting and identity abilities. We create chatbots for stages that incorporate Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Kik, Skype, and so on.

Reasons why you Choose Bilytica ChatBots?

People prefer not to call any more business. They prefer to get the answer they are looking for, or have their problem solved, with a few touches or after a short text chat. Instead of encouraging customers to call or send a message to a human, you can achieve the resolution of the first call by directing them to a chatbot.

  • 24/7 Hour Services :  Bilytica chatbots provides 24/7 hour services. Always online and available, regardless of the time of day.
  • Cost reduction: Cost savings of up to 80% in labor, infrastructure and associated costs.
  • Results: Get routine client resolutions faster, at a lower cost.
  • Future-proof: stay at the forefront of your commitment to your customers, without exposing yourself to expensive R & D costs.
  • Comfort: Bilytica facilitate and accelerate the access of the clients to you, when they are available, and not when it is available.
  • Revenue: with the savings your company will experience and the better satisfaction and efficiency of customers in your service provision, revenues will increase drastically.

Benefits of Bilytica ChatBots for your Business

  • Automation

The automation of key workflows in your company provides crucial information about the needs and preferences of customers, the demand for products / services and performance in various geographic and demographic sectors.

  • Cost savings

Ai and automation can reduce the costs of tasks dependent on human resources by 80%, while increasing the commitment of efficiency by more than 95%.

  • Efficiency

The automation of back-end processes and systems provides efficiencies in the service workflows and guarantees great savings in operating costs.

Introducing Bilytica Bots

Bilytica provides set of bots AI offers constant efficiency and efficiency, strictly complying with the established standards, without ever putting your brand at risk, fulfilling its promise to focus on the customer, allowing an unbeatable user experience for its customers, without any type of work, absenteeism, retraining and performance problems.

Order bot takes your business to new technological heights and helps you stay before the curve, putting customer service and satisfaction first.


OrderBot integrates with its online product and service offering, making interaction with customers easily accessible on more than 170 platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Slack, Skype and more. Company should always be online, available & consistent in customer service.


Courierbot makes waiting for your package the most comfortable, safe and simple experience known to date. It does not make sense that your customers have paid for a product to be delivered, however, they have to interact with unfriendly call agents to know the status of their delivery.


NLPBOTS integrates with your product or service online; web, intranet or mobile, to give
its users a help function always available through a smart chat-bot interface.
NLPBOTS continuously learn from their interactions with users and give companies the opportunity
to analyze and build on the characteristics of the product or service that drive efficiency and commitment.

Use Cases of Bilytica Chatbot

Bilytica Chatbots are picking up ubiquity quick. They can be utilized for various business needs. Observe some of them.

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Tools We Use For Chatbot Development

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