Insurance Analytics Solutions In Saudi Arabia

Insurance Analytics Solutions

Without the Business Intelligence the raw data is not useful. Bilytica Insurance Analytics Solutions in Saudi Arabia helps you understand which data is useful for your business, how the pieces of puzzle connect to each other and how to manage them properly. Claims handling and its risks are the combined challenges that affect the efficiency of the insurance industry. Small insurance companies have limited resources, underwriting to analyze, review, evaluate and pay claims. Industry also faces economical, competitive pressures to build new business ideas to meet customer requirements. Bilytica’s Insurance Analytics Solutions in Saudi Arabia is designed to analyze the emerging trends of the Data Analytics that exist in their several transactional and operational systems. Our solution offers predictive analytics model, which permits insurers to save their time and money by rapid detection of suspect, frauds and unauthorized claim access. Our main purpose is provide best analytics solutions based on your past data that help you in rapid decision making and improvement in your business operations. We can help you to:

  • Understand how your business organization is performing.
  • Investigate claims patterns to recognize probable fraud.
  • Evaluate general portfolio risk profile in single dashboard.
  • Monitor claims processing status.
  • Generate reports for revenue comparisons.
  • Create estimating models that let you intuitively explore situations.

Claim Analysis

It’s very beneficial to dig into claims data to make more informed decisions for your agency. Don’t stop there. Gather claims information with other useful data. Our inclusive set of software tools guide you at every point of the claims process for reporting and analysis through claims alteration and inquiries. Our Insurance Analytics Solution assist you to rationalize your agency process, control costs, fraud and manage risk. We set different level of security checks like employee screening which is quite helpful in risk handling. Click on the visualization to see how claims status varies by region and how the claim was initiated.

Premium Forecasting

Easy-to-use software that allows you to change expectations and immediately see the real and authentic impact on your growth, cost, and cash flow. You can quickly be evaluating your options and future expense, not just wait for another assumption because you will have the most precise data for your actions.

This method of taking decision on the basis of data is very old. But the real talent is generate a forecasting report that gives a rapid insight about cost which is not accessible in every insurance tool.
Our Insurance Analytics Solutions are designed for Saudi Arabia generate reports that forecast your needs in future by analyzing the historical data. Don’t waste your time on searching answer from dozens of spreadsheet. We improve your digital transformation approach. Adopt this end-to-end decision making platform that will show you the power of your big data.

Click on the visualization to adjust these criteria and others to see historic trends and projected costs.

Revenue Comparison

Comparison of revenue is a very traditional way but it is way important for insurance data analysis. Everyone in insurance agency business rely on historical data analytics for future predictions and decisions.
Using our solution you can now easily compare your revenue. Any claim code can be assessed initially by using scroll bar. The effect of a direct, yet intuitive time arrangement report gives more data much faster than could be assembled in a table.

Fraud Detection

Insurers need a way to deal with insurance fraud. Insurance fraud may cost a lot of money and time. So claims processing and fraud detection tools allow insurers to recognize potential fraud threats while helping insurers to eliminate these threats.

Your bottom line can be affected by fraud, stop it! Bilytica’s Insurance Analytics Solutions let you identify almost any activity that is not right or ambiguous. Once a potential fraud threat is confirmed, deal it with your own way. Our major aim is to save your time and money by minimizing fraud in your claims.

Click into this report and adjust the filters to find claims that fall outside normal bands.

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