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Workforce management is a set of methods to observe employees and to enhance the competency and performance of employees. Workforce management software provides common set of practices to support the HR department. Workforce management integrate forecasting of workload and required workforce, contribution of employees into the arranging process, management of working times & accounts and examination of entire process.

Timesheet Management

A time sheet management is a way to keep record of employees’ amount of time spend on each job, it is like a tabular data that is arranged in rows and columns. It is actually developed for employees’ in which start and end time of tasks or just the duration of work. This information is used for payroll and project costing estimation and management.

Some companies provides web based timesheet management software that provide a way to track time data for payroll, billing , project management , to measure the employee performance and identify problems that employee facing during tasks.

Timesheet Management software provides the facility of maintaining customer’s base information, building your project master, mapping projects to customer, identifying various activities, project role master, linking employees and daily & weekly timesheet  of a project and timesheet expense payout.

Leave Management

Leave management deals with employee time off requests. It supports mangers to ensure the productivity and maintain coverage while sanctioning employee leave request. Mangers can assess the request and schedule approvals.

Web based leave management helps HR managers to avoid the paper work and maintain records on web based software that ensure the accuracy and security from the wastage of data as compare to  paper base data. Paper base data is difficult to manage and to keep.

Leave Management software provides the clear picture of the employee availability, employee can easily view their No. of leaves that they have taken and how much is they can take and it also helps to ensure accurate payroll calculation.

Shift & Scheduling

Any organization that runs two or three work shifts per day manages shift scheduling. Setting the shift schedule is the very first task for an organization. Shift management involves each employee a vivid idea of his responsibilities.

Shift & Scheduling software includes the management of shift change, map employees, creating your own schedule, grouping shifts and usage of group list that helps mention dates and weeks for each group.

Claims & Refunds

Claim & Refund management is a facility that is provided to managers and employees. Employees can easily request and receive payments. Managers can handle claims through payroll efficiently.

Claim & Refund software provides features of reimbursement types, custom define claim forms, eligibility steps, formula steps, self-service and processed for payroll.

Core HR

Employees are the backbone of any organization and to maintain their all information from hire to retire is important. Core HR has all the data of employees. And it has to keep this data in proper manner.

Human resource management software categorize employees’ life that are employee creation, confirmation, movement and separation.

HR Analytics

HR Analytics Software is used to provide all measured information of workforce at one system. The basic goal of HR Analytics is what kind of data should be captured and how to use data to analyze employees’ capabilities. That will be helpful to increase profitability, improve the process and make relevant decision. HR Analytics Software is used to relate the business and workers data. By providing insight of an organization managers can deal with the problems and improvements in the performance of employees.

Payroll Software

Payroll refers to the total amount of money that an organization has to pay to its employees. It includes an employees’ salary, wages, bonuses and pending taxes.

Payroll department activities are critical because employees are sensitive to payroll errors. It also a way to encourage employees by giving them salaries or bonuses in an accurate and timely manner.

PeopleQlik’s HR Software provides integrated workforce administration that enable managers to analyze whole work situation in detail. Managers get detailed data by workforce administration solution that integrates leave management software, time & attendance software, shift & scheduling software, claims and reimbursement software, timesheet management software, core HR software, HR analytics software, employee self-service software and payroll software. You can enhance your employees’ performance and profitability by making quick and better decision. It also provide all employee and organization data at one system that provides easiness for usage and maintaining data. It provide good visual representation for reports.

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