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Bilytica data monetization services offer strong base to the businesses to design, develop and deploy beneficial strategies to extract additional profits from company’s existing data. Clients can utilize this beneficial data to develop products and services and then sell these services at profit to other companies who would get advantages from the intelligence of this data. Organizations are now exploring the new horizon of data that it serves as autonomous profitable commodity. Bilytica Consulting with Bilytica Monetization service is successfully leading the Big Data industry pack in this data monetization / data commerce revolution. Bilytica monetization professionals collaborate with higher management to think out of the box ideas to sell the data to affiliated concerns at large profits. Our market opportunity analysis allows the customers to have feasible data driven commerce by defining the models that help in further investigation and exploration. It makes companies familiar with all novel paths to make profits from raw, processed, public and behavioral data. It enlists the analysis of market size potential, possible revenue, and profit predictions. It also identifies competitors, risks, stumbling blocks and market differentiators.

After market opportunity analysis, we define the financial viability of recommended products and services via proof valve of products that is followed by potential execution scenarios in which we consider the potential partners, targets and execution schemes for the industry in which our clients do business. Marketing organizations, technology retailers and out in house professionals assist to handle whole realization process. To comfort our clients Bilytica monetization professionals work with in the define boundaries of our customers. They use their existing platforms to gather data but integrate changes into their conventional software and hardware systems whenever get chance. Our experts upgrade client’s system with clod based platforms such as amazon web service and windows azure when they realize that client’s current platform is not up to the mark.

Enlisted below are innovative Bilytica’s data monetization accomplishments:

  • Sell market intelligence, or competitive intelligence
    that evaluates what, how much, and where competitive retailers are selling their products.
  • Sell integrated public domain data and internet chatter data, which can be utilize to design new products or services using that information as a base.
  • Extend or sell a proven business model that performs the functions of cleaning and enriching data, supply management, inventory management and demand management.
  • Sell specific, location-based marketing and sales data that has an efficient marketing effect on other businesses (such as real estate buy/sell information to cellular, cable network, and moving companies, etc.).
  • Sell retail sales data that can be used to develop recommendation engines that react in accordance to customer’s buying preferences.

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