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    Industry Leaders Trust Techlopes

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    Our Magento Services

    A large Magento software company with over 10+ years experience and a strong workforce
    [us_iconbox icon=”fas|desktop” style=”circle” size=”60px” title=”PSD to Magento”]Serving as your partner, Techlopes’s PSD to Magento conversion provide platform-wide responsive.[/us_iconbox]
    [us_iconbox icon=”fas|desktop” style=”circle” size=”60px” title=”Theme Customization”]At Techlopes, we are experts at tailoring the Magento themes in a most futuristic way.[/us_iconbox]
    [us_iconbox icon=”fas|desktop” style=”circle” size=”60px” title=”Extension Development”]For the features that you languish but find difficult to incorporate, Techlopes offers a slay of plug-in that enlarge your site’s features.[/us_iconbox]
    [us_iconbox icon=”fas|desktop” style=”circle” size=”60px” title=”Hire Developers”]When quality worth most, you must rely on talented people with the right aptitude, and that’s where Techlopes helps you.[/us_iconbox]

    Our Magento Solutions

    Performance optimization techniques that will improve loading speed threefold
    To Improve conversion rates and to avoid cart abandonment and to provide better user experience you need faster loading speeds. Our speed optimization solution averts full page caching, is customizable according to your store’s need. Get ready to improve the performance of your Magento ecommerce store by optimization of its loading speed.
    Reach out to millions through mobile phones
    Mobilization is the best escalation your Magento store can acquire. Get access to millions of smartphone users and expand your business reach by creating a glossy and slant mobile app for your online store. Right from the designing to the triumphant implementation, your website’s mobile version will fully be unique as per your needs.
    Magento cloud solutions that will never let you down
    Our Magento cloud solutions prepare your web store to handle any sudden inundation of traffic, increased number of orders and host millions of databases at relieve. We make sure stable performance and speed of your site irrespective of any unusual fluctuations practiced by it. Our technical expertise will help you render an uninterrupted service, 24/7.
    By being responsive, you can improve your user experience across all channels
    High responsiveness is at high priority to help shoppers experience the same placate even while shopping on the go. The responsiveness of your web store will report for increased mobile traffic and conversion tariff. Our designers/developers will make sure that your site’s design, look and feel and loading speed and clarity remains the similar across all the available mobile browsing devices like smart phones and tablets.
    Migrate to Magento, the world’s most trusted e-Commerce development platform
    Techlopes with the team of 52+ Magento-certified developers to provide implementation Migration process from Magento Go or any other e-Commerce to Magento community edition with absolute perfection. Once your migration is done, you will obtain the advantages of high scalability, durability and performance.
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    Our Promise

    To create a holistic e-commerce website for you
    [us_iconbox icon=”” size=”160px” title=”Reports And Analytics” img=”6530″]To report the status of sales growth, traffic rate, etc.[/us_iconbox]
    [us_iconbox icon=”” size=”160px” title=”Custom Payment” img=”6535″]Customization of payment and shipping modules to suit your requirements.[/us_iconbox]
    [us_iconbox icon=”” size=”160px” title=”User Friendly” img=”6539″]Simple navigation for tremendous purchase experience.[/us_iconbox]
    [us_iconbox icon=”” size=”160px” title=”One Page Checkout” img=”6537″]To reduce cart abandonment rate by buyers.[/us_iconbox]
    [us_iconbox icon=”” size=”160px” title=”HD Product Images” img=”6536″]High quality product images[/us_iconbox]
    [us_iconbox icon=”” size=”160px” title=”Seamless Integration” img=”6538″]It is entirely integrated seamlessly with existing business processes.[/us_iconbox]
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    Why Choose us ?

    Our solutions are laden with amazing agility and customization capabilities which give your business more room for expansion
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    [us_iconbox icon=”” size=”160px” title=”Completely Automated” img=”6544″][/us_iconbox]
    [us_iconbox icon=”” size=”160px” title=”Multilingual Ecommerce Setup” img=”6546″][/us_iconbox]
    [us_iconbox icon=”” size=”160px” title=”Site Installation” img=”6547″][/us_iconbox]

    Recent Projects

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