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Most of the business critical applications require 24/7 up time due to the critical nature of these applications. Cost impact due to the downtime caused by the vital and inevitable upgrades of software is constantly becoming an unacceptable and unaffordable headache. Main challenge in the active application setup is synchronization of the database and that challenge is addressed efficiently by recent release of Oracle Golden Gate.

Oracle Golden Gate offers real time capture, routing, transformation and delivery of the database transactions across the various heterogeneous systems. Our team enable cost effective and real time data integration for ensuring the consistent availability of solutions. Bilytica efficient architecture support the multiple data replication topologies including, cascading, bidirectional, one to many and many to many.

As an oracle partner, we provide the following Golden Date based database service offerings including:

Database Upgrades and Migrations

It includes the migration of oracle databases from lower version to higher one across various data centers and platforms.

Active Applications

Active applications are ensured with the Golden Gate Database replication

Oracle Reporting Databases and Real time integration

Bilytica oracle consultants let you setup and maintain the real time replication for applications integration, disaster recovery and reporting.

Bilytica experts possess huge experience and expertise in the architecture design, implementation, management and tuning. We always provide experienced developers and architects to the clients for assisting with all the things right from the areas definition of opportunity to the complex problem solving related to business operations.

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