Oracle BPM – Business Process Management Services

Oracle Business Process Management Suite is regarded as natural complement to the Oracle SOA suite which help you to apply the SOA for high value business opportunities. When you implement the business process management, you have the surety that you have enabled flexible and agile enterprise which is much more resilient to the new business requirements and to all the changes in the underlying IT systems. Business Process Management Services by Bilytica efficiently promotes the co-operation and co-ordination between the technology and business groups inside an organization.

Bilytica team is constantly on the verge of offers services for wide range of oracle Business Process Management Suite. Bilytica dedicated Oracle Center of Excellence and experienced and certified teams who provide the expert consulting services across the oracle Business Process Management Suite.

Bilytica Wide range and experience of services include:

Consulting Services by Bilytica

  • BPM Awareness Workshop by Bilytica Team
  • Business Activity Monitoring Assessment by our consultants
  • Business Process Management Fitment Analysis by our experts
  • BPM Business Case and Evaluation through our analysts
  • BPM/BRM Engagement Roadmap by our experienced consultants
  • Business Process Analysis/Harmonization/Prioritization through our experts

Technical Advisory Services by Bilytica Team

  • Performance Engineering by Bilytica resources
  • BPMS Implementation Health Assessment by Bilytica team
  • BPM Infrastructure Assessment through our resources
  • Business Activity Monitoring by our experts

Implementation Services by Bilytica Implementation Team

  • BPMS/BRMS Product Configuration and Customization by our consultants
  • BPMS Upgrades and Migration through our team
  • Deployment and Integration
  • Infrastructure Setup

Testing and Quality Assurance Services by Bilytica Team

  • Automated Testing
  • Performance and Functional Testing

Bilytica Oracle BPM Support Services

  • Ongoing Application Maintenance & Support
  • Feature Enhancements

Bilytica Business Process Management Services allow you to automate the business processes and remarkably increase the productivity through the use of proven workflow management tools and software packages integration. Bilytica Consultants can help you by creating a flexible process platform that is tailored to the client business requirements through their extensive and exceptional experience in various regions and industries.

Technical resources.

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