Stellent to UCM 11g Migration Services by Bilytica

Oracle acquired Stellent in 2006 (leading enterprise content management company) which has provided the foundation of Oracle Web Center Content Suite. There are massive customizations and huge content base for all the organizations which have leveraged the Stellent. Bilytica consultants help the client organizations to migrate and implement latest version of Web Center Content. When businesses make a move to the web center content then it allows them to boost the operational scalability and efficiency of the content repositories.

Through the use of proven methodology and process, our approach is to go for the upgrades in order to allow the businesses make a direct move from 7.x to the 11 g rather than opting for an incremental approach or a two-step upgrade including 7.x to the 10 g and 10 g to the 11g. Our direct approach saves the valuable time and budget of the client organization.

Bilytica team is ready to deal with the local staff to migrate the Stellent 7.x deployment to the web center suite 11g through the use of best practices for ensuring the integrity of the applications, data and business processes during the project of migration. Solution implemented by Bilytica is tested in order to ensure that needs of performance, integrity and data access are met completely after the project completion.

Main Features of Bilytica Migration Services

  • Oracle Web Center suite functionality alignment with the business objectives
  • You can build a development environment through the use of best practices
  • Determines migration path for all the libraries, frameworks and technologies
  • Roadmap creation for the execution of an upgrade
  • Architectural vision for migration establishment

Bilytica will be your reliable Web Center Partner

As we an oracle partner, Bilytica experts have expertise to rely on complete deployment and support of oracle investments.

  • Cost Effective approach offered by Bilytica let you move directly from 7.x to 11 g rather than couple of migrations.
  • We have developed a dedicated oracle center of excellence with the certified consultants
  • We have talented teams consisting of the certified resources on oracle web center
  • Extensive understanding of the leading portal technology
  • Experience of successfully conducting oracle web center suite implementations globally
  • Risk mitigation with secured communications and single point accountability
  • Provision of cost effective application management services
  • Efficient implementation strategy with an effective system analysis

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