Oracle JCAPS Services by Bilytica

What is JCAPS?

Java Composite Application Platform Suite is built around the Sun See Beyond eGate Integrator is considered as one of the most efficient and widely used enterprise application integration platform in the market. It is regarded as unified and comprehensive solution which integrates, optimized and connects easily and quickly.

JCAPS services

  • Through the use of JCAPS services you can easily connect to the suppliers, customers and partners in order to enable exchange of business critical information. You can quickly establish the trading partner relationships and manage them dynamically.
  • You can integrate all the critical business data, disparate applications and systems in various business units for the delivery of real time information to customers, suppliers and partners.
  • You can optimize the core internal and external business processes for the creation of an agile organization for reacting quickly to changing business conditions in real time.

Bilytica Maximized the JCAPS Investment

Bilytica team possess an extensive experience to deliver and integrate the enterprise applications. We have the teams who are expert in delivering the integration solutions along with the tailored migration projects according to the business specific business requirements.

Bilytica offers the following JCAPS services to satisfy its valuable clients.

Bilytica experts are working to help and guide you in migrating the existing JCAPS to any middleware platform. You can easily leverage all the features of migrated middleware and we avoid unplanned downtime which can result in errors in migration process. Bilytica team has vast knowledge which help them identify the challenges and potential technical issues in order to create roadmap for environment upgrade completion with minimum risk. Our experts help you to migrate safely to the middleware platform through the use of proven technology.

Bilytica Migration services include the following:

  • JCAPS Migration to Oracle SOA Suite.
  • JCAPS Migration to any Middleware platform.
  • Support services at any time zone.
  • EGate upgrade to latest version of JCAPS.
  • Consulting and training
  • Specialized in Health care, Energy and Utilities and Banking sectors.

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